April 23

7:30-8:30                 Coffee and breakfast

8:30-8:45                 Welcome and Orientation—Andrew R Barron, ESRI

8:45-9:00                 Objectives and Introductions—Steve Winston

9:00-9:30                 Drivers and Consequences of Climate Change—Jim Buizer, University of Arizona

9:30-10:15              Large scale carbon sequestration—Andrew R Barron, ESRI

10:15-10:30            BREAK

10:30-11:00            Considerations for Mitigating Climate Impacts—Klaus Lackner, Arizona State University  

11:00-11:30            Replicable incentive structure for carbon sequestration—John Thrash, CEO eCorp International

11:30-12:00            Regional Confederation of Complementary Technologies—Chris Williams, Tata Steel UK

12:00-13:00            LUNCH

13:00-13:30            Converting tires and trash to power and raw material—Eric Johnson, CFO CREC Energy

13:30-14:00            AI and big data; climate, resources, technology matching—Randy Goebel, University of Alberta

14:00-14:30            Identifying and Addressing Technology Innovation Risks—Tina Kirby, Beazley Group

14:30-15:00            BREAK

15:00-15:30            Super-hydrophilic/hydrophobic materials—Shirin Alexander, Swansea

15:30-16:00            Closed cycle food production and resource conservation—Sonia Lo, Fresh Box Farms

16:00-16:30      Wrap-up Steve Winston     

17:30                         DINNER

April 24

7:30-8:30                 Coffee and breakfast

8:30-8:45                 Look Ahead, today and beyond– Steve Winston

8:45-9:15                 The fresh water economy, sources and uses—Steve Winston

9:15-9:45                 Practical means for reducing housing waste/cost—Chris Anderson, CEO Vantem Global

9:45-10:15              Breakthrough materials and a novel perspective on clean energy—John Preston

10:15-10:30            BREAK

10:30-11:00            Nuclear science and environmental stewardship—Sean McDeavitt, Texas A&M University

11:00-11:30            Morocco: Pioneering Green Energy African Country: Deployment Plan and Challenges —Mohammed Cherkaoui, LIU

11:30-12:00            CNL Initiatives in nuclear science—Kathryn McCarthy, VP CNL

12:00-13:00            LUNCH

13:00-13:30            Innovations in personalized medicine—Deborah James, University of Alberta

13:30-14:00            Challenges in commercializing nuclear medicine—Sandy McEwan, VP IPSEN

14:00-14:30            Linkages, synergies, and amplifying combinations—Randy Burd, Sr VP LIU

14:30-15:30            Roundtable: complementarities and connections—Steve Winston

15:30                         ADJOURN

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