Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea SA1 8EN, Wales

To date, human industrial development has been defined by technology. The 18th century was the steam age, the 19th and 20th centuries the age of petroleum, and the 21st century has been described as the digital age. But if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change we should think of the 21st century as the age of carbon dioxide. The Energy Safety Research Institute at Swansea University (www.esri-swansea.org) was created to tackle exactly that problem.

A key part of our research is CO2, both sequestration and utilization. In the UK, current CO2 emissions are approximately 400 million tones per year, but with a goal of 80% reduction by 2050. In ESRI we are working on a number of major projects one of which is in partnership with University of South Wales and funded by WEFO/ERDF is Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions, or RICE (https://twitter.com/rice_cymru?lang=en), which involves creating industry pilots for a number of technologies for utilization of CO2.

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